DownStream Blueprint-PCB v2.2.0.486 with CAM v.10.2.0 | 223 MB

DownStream Blueprint-PCB v2.2.0.486 with CAM v.10.2.0

DownStream Blueprint-PCB v2.2.0.486 with CAM v.10.2.0 | 223 MB

Automate the PCB documentation process, while increasing detail, streamlining distribution, and easing the entire process...
BluePrint 2.0 and CAM350 10.0 completes a strategic milestone in DownStream’s product development lifecycle as CAM350 will integrate with Blueprint’s document authoring tool to create a synergistic solution for all PCB post-processing.

This sets the stage for a process by which the user can utilize CAM350 and BluePrint together to create and distribute all the deliverables required for a complete PCB fabrication and assembly release package in one single electronic file.

The electronic release package can then be used to distribute, view and extract documents, Gerber files, NC Drill/Mill data and panel designs for the manufacturing process.

BluePrint 2.0 includes new functionality and enhancements, including:
* Panel Document Module - A new module for creating panels and panel documents has been added. Users can define panels using existing or new templates, step and repeat the design automatically, add fiducials, and pinning holes, then drag and drop onto a panel drawing for dimensioning and documentation.

* Flip Panel - Allows the user to select boards in the panel and flip them so that the top side of half of the boards and the bottom side of half will be side by side in the panel.

* Universal Release Package Navigator - A new Release Package Navigator allows BluePrint users (and/or CAM350 users) to create and store all CAM350 and BluePrint outputs in a single electronic file. Users can now view and insert various documents, and files into the release package such as PDF, Gerber, NC, DXF, and BluePrint native files and the imported PCB database. When sent to a manufacturer, these files can then be viewed, and or extracted depending upon the file type so that all the contents of a PCB assembly can be stored in a single electronic file and shared as needed by down stream processes.

* CAM350 Embedding - BluePrint is now integrated with CAM350 so that data created or imported by either product can be used and shared with the other application.

* Usability Updates – A number of usability enhancements have been added to streamline BluePrint’s user interface as well as expedite access to frequently accessed dialog box commands including:

- New toolbars and context menus for reference designators, components and callouts
- New Component fill and fill-style commands for PCB views, variants and process steps
- New Noteblock line spacing and starting number controls
- New Insert Time and Date command
- Ability to select parts for process step using any attribute
- Automatically generate a Parts List from any PCB View
- Reference designators follow any angle component rotation
- Assembly Variant displays now support components with fill patterns and outline patterns
- New coordinate toolbar for location feedback during graphic editing

BluePrint-PCB is powerful and feature rich:
* Use PCB CAD data to drive the documentation process
* Drag and drop automatic formatting of PCB views
* Imports DXF files for dragging and dropping mechanical hardware
* Gerber files can be imported and used on drawing sheets to document PCB artwork layers
* Inserts Gerber, DXF, PDF, JPEG, BMP, AVI, WAV
* Built in word processing with spell check
* Intelligent note blocks on multiple pages
* Hyperlink between notes, callouts, and details
* Automatic drill chart creation
* Support for drill tolerances
* Automatic layer stack up detail creation
* Unlimited PCB views on single sheet (top side, bottom side, inner layers)
* View assembly variances on Assembly drawing
* Fast and easy assembly reference designation placement
* Support for mechanical components in BOM
* No hiding and displaying of layers to produce documentation
* Real time viewing of PCB documentation (no output required)
* Compress drawings and files with an integrated viewer for sharing
* Import parts lists from Enterprise systems via CSV and ODBC formats
* Customize templates and automation to integrate with specific standards
* Export to HTML for web viewing
* Free BluePrint document viewer download

BluePrint-PCB System Requirements:
A PC with the Windows XP or Windows 2000 operating system
At least 1GB of memory (or 2GB’s if importing CAD design files greater then 20MB’s in size)
At least 200 MBs of disk space available
Allegro ODB++, Altium Designer ODB++, Boardstation ODB++, CADstar ODB++, Expedition ODB++, OrCAD ODB++, PADS ASCII, and Visula ODB++ design databases
BluePrint hardware requirements:

Processor 1GHZ or faster, Disk Space 200MB available, Memory 1GB RAM (when importing CAD files under 20MB’s in size) or 2GB’s RAM (when importing CAD files over 20MB’s in size)

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