5 More Ways to Increase Blog Rankings and Traffic

One of the major benefits of blogging is the ability for you to go back and look at what you were thinking and writing at a certain point of time. Sometimes I forget about posts that I write and after checking my keyword referrals I see some really old posts that someone found on a search engine and came to my blog.
It’s nice to be reminded of your own thoughts by somebody else. One of my recent posts about increasing blog rankings has gotten quite some attention and I regularly receive lots of daily hits from search engines to that post. There I outlined 5 basic ways that you can help increase your blog and website rankings. After reading it over again and again, I now give you 5 more ways on increasing blog and traffic rankings.
  1. Categorizing – Chances are that you already have categories on your blog, which is good. Now, I actually saw this on a video and want to reiterate it in writing. So double categorizing your posts is probably not the best idea. Pick one category that is most suited and just stick it in there.
  2. Trackbacks – When you read someone else’s blog and like the content don’t feel shy to link their post as that will leave a trackback on their site. If it’s a popular blog { /cough like mine cough/ } then chances are that the blog owner and the visitors of that blog will follow you through as well. Who knows maybe sometime in the future the blog owner and/or his readers might like something on your blog and link to you. The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round…
  3. Write Good Titles – When you write a post title make sure that it makes sense to you, your readers and the search engines. Search engines are intelligent and they like to match a search query depending very heavily on your title. With millions of searches being performed daily there is plenty of opportunity that someone will type in a phrase that will relate to your blog entry.
  4. Posting Frequency – If you post one post a day then make sure you write one post a day, everyday. Don’t leave one or two day’s out because it’s the weekend. The best way to make sure you have enough content is to write in advance and either save your posts as notes and when the time comes to just hit the publish button. You can also timestamp your posts to be published on a future date and time, in case you are going away for a few days or taking a break. Your readers like new content. If you have nothing new to write then link back to some posts from your favorite blogs or link back to your own archives and pop in an extra sentence or two.
  5. Subscriptions via email – I am going to implement this very soon into my blog. Email is still number 1 when it comes to getting a readers attention. Plus people are more comfortable with emails than with RSS. You can compare them with differences in the millions. Plus you have more chances that the reader will click through to your site and leave a comment when they read your posts in their inbox rather than a RSS feed reader, where they will most likely just scroll by your content as they try to read as many RSS feeds as they can. The attention span of a RSS feed reader is less than an email subscriber’s. The technology is still so new that many people don’t know how to use it, as only now has Internet Explorer added RSS feed compatibility with IE7 and many people still use IE 5.5/6.0 – so you can imagine.
So there you have it, hope these tips help you. If you have any you would like to share then please leave a comment.
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