Keil RealView Microcontroller Development Kit & RealView Real-Time Library v.4.1

Keil RealView  Microcontroller Development Kit & RealView Real-Time Library v.4.10

The software development RealView Microcontroller Development Kit (MDK ARM) combines the company Keil compiler C / C + + ARM RealView IDE and Keil uVision.

Year: 2010
Version: 4.10
Developer: Keil ?, an ARM ® Company
Platform: Windows
Compatibility with Vista: Yes (set to Win7 x64 Ultimate build 7600 - no problems)
Medician: Yes

This product gives developers a multifunctional development environment optimized to work with a broad line of microcontrollers based on the core ARM. MDK ARM provides device support, based on the ARM7, ARM9 and Cortex M3 manufacturers such as Analog Devices, Atmel, Freescale, Luminary, OKI, NXP, Samsung, Sharp, STMicroelectronics and TI. Using the MDK ARM reduces the design cycle and significantly reduce time-to-market. MDK ARM - the ideal tool for standardized industrial projects with a developed system debugging and support for real-time.

Library RL ARM - RealView ® RealTime Library
? RTX Real Time Kernel - a full-featured operating system real-time RTX Keil, which manages the CPU time semaphores (resource allocation), events (for task synchronization), and mailboxes (for communication between tasks). RTX is easily configured using the configuration file.
? TCP / IP Networking Suite - a communication module based on the stack TCP / IP, specially adapted for embedded applications. It includes TCP and UDP-sockets, PPP and SLIP interfaces, DNS, Telnet, TFTP, SMTP, built-in Web server and CGI with password protection. The stack works with Ethernet, and serial (modem). Configured examples are intended to work on a few standard demonstration boards.
? Flash File System - a system that allows you to save files in Flash, ROM or RAM. This is useful in decisions that require a large amount of memory for data storage or systems with internet interfaces, HTTP or FTP.
? USB Device Interface - drivers for USB, which allows you to connect standard devices such as HID or Mass Storage.
? CAN Interface - in RTX Keil library includes CAN, which provide a powerful and simple interface for different controllers CAN.

Library RL-ARM is designed for typical problems that confront the developer, and allows you to:
? manage multiple tasks on one CPU;
? control the timing of the task;
? communicate and configure the interaction between different programs in the system;
? Provide access to the Internet via Ethernet or serial connection (modem);
? Implement a built-in web server which includes CGI-scripts;
? Implement a E-mail via Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).

Changes in RV MDK ARM 4.10 compared with 4.03a

[ARM Processor Support]
MDK now includes the RealView Compilation Tools version with Cortex-M4 and Cortex-R4 support.
[ARM Processor Support]
Added: simulation for Cortex-M4 Processor core including DSP and FPU extensions.
[New Device Support]
NXP LPC1759, and LPC1769 devices.
[Device Simulation]
Simulation support added for NXP LPC11xx, LPC13xx, and LPC17xx series.
[Checksum Utility]
Added: ELFDWT utility creates boot checksum for NXP LPC11xx, LPC13xx, and LPC17xx device series. Usage is:
C: \ Keil \ ARM \ BIN \ ELFDWT elf_file.AXF
The checksum creation can be automated in µVision by entering in the dialog Project - Options for Target - User, Run User Programs After Build / Rebuild, Run # 1:
When this command is enabled µVision calls the ELFDWT utility and the required checksum gets inserted into the AXF linker output file. Note that this process is not needed when programs are downloaded using ULINK. ULINK automatically adds the checksum during Flash programming.
[Target Debugging]
Updated: support for ST-Link USB-JTAG debugger. The STLinkIIIUSBDriver.dll debug driver has been replaced by STLinkUSBDriver.dll in folder .. \ ARM \ STLink \. The flash file loader stm32f10xLoader.bin for STM32F10x devices has been added in folder .. \ ARM \ STLink \
[Target Debugging]
Updated: Luminary lmidk-agdi.dll to version
[Target Debugging]
Updated: Segger's J-Link driver for ARM devices to version that solves problems with Micrium µC / evaluation STM32FF-107 board.
[Target Debugging]
Added: support for Cortex-M0 devices when Segger's J-Link and J-Trace debugger is used.
[Board Support]
Added: USBHID and USBMem examples for Atmel's ATSAM3S device in folder .. \ ARM \ Boards \ Atmel \ ATSAM3S-EK \.
[Board Support]
Added: Blinky, BlinkyCAN, LCD_BLinky, RTX_Blinky, USBHID, and USBMem examples for NXP's LPC2929 device in folder .. \ ARM \ Boards \ Keil \ MCB2929 \.

The changes in the RL-ARM 4.10 compared with 4.05

[RTX - Problems Solved]
Corrected: potential wrong return value of os_mbx_send () function in Cortex-M library.
[TCPnet - Enhancements]
Added: support for Cortex-M1 devices. Free TCP_CM1.lib and debug TCPD_CM1.lib library have been added.
Added: a SNMP Agent implementation and SNMP_demo example for various evaluation boards. SNMP version 1 with trap messages is supported.
Added: a Gratuitous ARP implementation. If this feature is enabled, the embedded host broadcasts an ARP notification at startup or if local IP address changed.
Added: a new file type php-script, file extension php [text / html] to the Web server.
[TCPnet - Problems Solved]
Added: MSS option (maximum segment size) to SYN packet for outgoing TCP connections. Because this option was missing, PC used reduced segment size of 536 bytes in communication.
Corrected: auto disconnect problem in FTP Server during large file transfer.
Corrected: a problem in WEB Server. It failed to load pages from SPI or parallel flash.
Corrected: a Null Modem driver problem. It failed to connect in client mode, if connect request was issued delayed from application reset.
Corrected: a problem in PPP module which sometimes fails to connect.
[FlashFS - Enhancements]
Added: Support for SDHC Cards.
[CAN - Problems Solved]
Corrected: function CAN_set now returns error code.
[FCARM - Enhancements]
Added: a simple compression for Cascading Style Sheet files.
Improved: compression ratio for Java Script files.
[FCARM - Problems Solved]
Corrected: a problem in Java and CGI script compression.

Install crack:
In Keil:
1. File-> License Management, copy the contents of the CID
2. Run the crack, choose what generic license Target-> ARM, Prof.Devkit / RealView MDK
In the CID insert that copied in Keil
Click Generate
3. Copy the licensed paste in Keil in the field of New License ID Code (LIC), click Add LIC
4. Repeat pp.2-3 for all the required products
5. Glad result


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