Tips on the finger Tips:
In this post we will be looking at various design optimization tips.
The courtesy to most of these tips are SSN sir. Thank you sir.

1.  While drawing the layouts, its best practice to have a single Vdd/Vss rail running.
How do we do this?
Draw a simple metal rail. Give Vdd/Vss to it and tap it wherever you need.
So far we haven't come across this. But in the future layouts, we will be making use of this.

2.  Avoid digging unnecessary wells.
Yeah its pretty simple for us to draw as many n well as possible. But implementing this at industry level is not possible. In industry they go for laying all p devices in a single n well. You may notice that we have used the same practice in design of Transmission Gate.

3.  Avoid using poly for routing.
Though we have made use of poly for routing in design of TG, its not a good practice. Its better to use metal for this purpose. Use of metal will reduce resistance.

4.  More tips will follow based upon inputs from experts.

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  1. is this microwind developed by you or it is open source available on net.