MICROWIND Tutorial Part 5 : Three (3) Input NAND gate

The schematic and stick diagram of 3 input nand gate looks something like this:

Please post a comment if you want to know the working of the three input nand gate. I will be more than happy to explain.

Step by step layout for 3 input nand gate.

1.     1.   Draw a single pMOS from MOS generator (available in palette)

2.     2.  Select on units in lambda (underlined in the following figure) Keep the    length as 2λ and width as 4λ.
3.  3.  Copy and place them side by side or just create two more pMOS

4.   4.  Place them beside each other at a distance of 4λ.(refer figure). Note that we need to draw them in parallel, as shown in the schematic.

5.       Now we need nMOS in series. You can of course use MOS generator and extend and draw the polysilicon sticks as shown below

6.     5. By this time we have 3 pmos and 3 nmos generated. Join the corresponding gates. Give Vcc and Vdd and the input signals.

7.       The final diagram should look like one below.

WWe are done again.

9.   The waveforms observed are:

    Have a great time.


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